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Beowulf Asia is an art agency founded in 2016 in Tokyo, specialised in cultural strategy and art consultancy.

We have developed an extensive experience in finding the best artworks in institutions, private collections, biennials, fairs, galleries and artists’ studios worldwide, so as to offer a curated selection of artists. Our mission is to advise our clients to find the right acquisition thanks to our experts’   knowledge of the international market and international art scene. 

Beowulf Asia is committed to ensure the best transfer of value, knowledge and education to our clients (private collections, institutions and international companies…) within the art ecosystem. 

We tailor our curatorial approach to each collector’s needs and aesthetic preferences, as well as resources and long-term goals. We will provide a comprehensive guidance on collection strategy and management, and meaningful institutional affiliations, all while maintaining the utmost level of privacy and confidentiality.

To make the most of a booming art market, our ambition is to build long term and sustainable strategies according to our private clients’ objectives, by enhancing their cultural profile and the visibility of their collections. 

These activities are completed by philanthropic initiatives and the agency’s hallmark is underpinned by a significant body of research on critical aspects regarding the current art ecosystem, in the form of exhibitions, publishings, talks and art projects.

We build bridges between cultures through art.